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get_user_meta retrieves a single meta field or all fields of the user_meta data for the given user. This means that all the values that are stored in user_meta table can be got using get_user_meta. Email is not stored as meta data so you cant get email using get_user_meta. Email is stored with username and password in user table as user data.

How to Add Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress Meta information regarding your blog is an important part of both search engine optimization and engaging visitors. It’s this information that is shown when searching for specific information online. Plugins categorized as meta description | Simple and easy to use wordpress plugin to add the meta description tag in html… Mats Westholm 8,000+ active installations Tested with 5.2.4 Updated 4 months ago Very Simple Meta Description How to Change Your Meta Title and Meta Description in

Function Reference/get users. Description. Wrapper for WP_User meta_key - The meta_key in the wp_usermeta table for the meta_value to be returned. See get

Jul 07, 2016 · In this tutorial, learn how to use the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin to change the meta title and meta description in WordPress, improving your post's google search results. Create SEO titles and meta descriptions with Yoast SEO

Function Reference/add user meta « WordPress Codex Get WordPress; Codex. Function Reference/add user meta. Languages: English • Italiano • Description. Add metadata to a user's record. Usage get_user_by() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

How do you add a description to the Meta Description area to You can add Meta descriptions in wordpress 2 different ways. If you have a small site and want to simply add a generic description all you need to do is open up header.php in your themes directory and add the following code: Dynamic User Directory – WordPress plugin | The best thing about Dynamic User Directory is the high degree of control you have over the content, formatting, and style. This allows you to create a highly customized directory and integrate it seamlessly into your WordPress theme. The intuitive backend settings interface is designed to help you get your directory up and running quickly. get_user_meta (WordPress Function) - Oct 17, 2019 · Retrieve user meta field for a user. WordPress lookup for get_user_meta, a WordPress Function. Toggle navigation WordPress Plugins .

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wp_insert_user | function | WordPress | Insert a user into the database. by the field name. An example using description would have the filter called, pre_user_description that can be hooked into. Adding and using custom user profile fields — Justin Tadlock 10 Sep 2009 This technique will allow you to easily add new user profile fields class="regular-text" /><br /> <span class="description">Please enter your Twitter username. For getting these additional fields, WordPress has two nifty The former displays the meta information, and the latter returns it for use in PHP  WordPress Post Meta Data - What It Is & Where To Find It In

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5 Jun 2019 All of these come from the WordPress user editing screen: $curauth->description;; $curauth->display_name;; $curauth->first_name;  WordPress Meta Tags (what they are and how to use them 13 May 2019 Indirectly, tags help you rank better by getting you more clicks. Users are more likely to click pages with descriptive and informative titles, which in META Descriptions, without being very technical in the list of SEO do to's, are  Working With Post Meta Data Using The WordPress REST API 28 Jul 2015 Getting Meta Fields With The REST API the only way to expose this data without a custom endpoint to non-authenticated users. the SEO title and SEO description fields added by Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin, while also  How to create the perfect meta description • Yoast 18 Oct 2019 The purpose of a meta description for your page is simple: to get If your meta description is the same as those for other pages, the user If you're on WordPress and using Yoast SEO adding a meta description is easy as pie 

Get User By Meta Data in WordPress - Tom McFarlin Sep 26, 2012 · The details of how I’m doing this are aren’t exactly interesting for this post, but I figured that this was a common enough issue and easy enough to generalize that I’d share how to programmatically get a user by meta data in WordPress: Get User By Meta Data Adding Custom Meta Descriptions to WordPress Posts Without This is considering the fact that Google and other search engines use meta descriptions in their SERPs (search engine result pages) which makes meta descriptions a great way to attract user attention and make them click on your listing. Adding Meta Descriptions to WordPress Posts

Wordpress how to get all user meta data by user ID? - Stack how to get all user meta data by user ID in Wordpress? Stack Overflow new. Try Stack Overflow for Business. Wordpress how to get all user meta data by user ID? How to Add Keywords and Meta Descriptions in WordPress Jul 23, 2018 · By far the easiest way to add keywords and meta descriptions in WordPress is with the Yoast SEO plugin. This tool is designed to help propel you to the top of the search rankings, and it’s very easy to edit elements such as title and meta descriptions with it. php - Reserved keys for user meta in wordpress - About me Does anyone know which meta keys are reserved (that I cannot use for my own purposes) in wordpress, if any? Also, for the wordpress about me section. Does anyone know how to call that? meta query - How to: get_user_meta - BuddyPress - WordPress

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